Kaltura API

Service Name document_documents
Description Document service lets you upload and manage document files
Name Description
addFromEntry Copy entry into new entry
addFromFlavorAsset Copy flavor asset into new entry
addFromUploadedFile Add new document entry after the specific document file was uploaded and the upload token id exists
approveReplace Approves document replacement
cancelReplace Cancels document replacement
convert Convert entry
convertPptToSwf This will queue a batch job for converting the document file to swf Returns the URL where the new swf will be available
delete Delete a document entry.
get Get document entry by ID.
list List document entries by filter with paging support.
serve Serves the file content
serveByFlavorParamsId Serves the file content
update Update document entry. Only the properties that were set will be updated.
updateContent Replace content associated with the given document entry.
upload Upload a document file to Kaltura, then the file can be used to create a document entry.