Kaltura API

Update document entry. Only the properties that were set will be updated.
Input Params
Name Type Description Required Default Value
entryId string Document entry id to update V
documentEntry KalturaDocumentEntry Document entry metadata to update V
Output Type
Example HTTP Hit
JSON object:
{ entryId: "value", documentEntry: { objectType: "KalturaDocumentEntry", name: "value", multiLingual_name: [{ objectType: "KalturaMultiLingualString", language: "value", value: "value" }], description: "value", multiLingual_description: [{ objectType: "KalturaMultiLingualString", language: "value", value: "value" }], userId: "value", creatorId: "value", tags: "value", multiLingual_tags: [{ objectType: "KalturaMultiLingualString", language: "value", value: "value" }], adminTags: "value", categories: "value", categoriesIds: "value", type: "value", groupId: value, partnerData: "value", licenseType: value, accessControlId: value, startDate: value, endDate: value, referenceId: "value", partnerSortValue: value, conversionProfileId: value, redirectEntryId: "value", parentEntryId: "value", operationAttributes: [{ objectType: "KalturaOperationAttributes" }], entitledUsersEdit: "value", entitledUsersPublish: "value", entitledUsersView: "value", templateEntryId: "value", displayInSearch: value, application: "value", applicationVersion: "value", blockAutoTranscript: value, documentType: value } }