Neurologic Exam-Adult | Motor Exam | Normal | Strength testing - Lower extremity

Motor Exam - Normal 08 - Strength testing - Lower extremity: Muscle strength is tested from the proximal to the distal part of the extremity so that all segmental levels for the extremity are tested (for the lower extremity that is L2 to S1 - see table). Muscle power is graded on a scale of 0-5. For Strength Testing: L2 - Hip flexion; L3 - Knee extension; L4 - Knee flexion; L5 - Ankle dorsiflexon; S1 - Ankle plantar flexion. For Muscle Strength Grading: 0 - No contraction; 1 - Slight contraction, no movement; 2 - Full range of motion without gravity; 3 - Full range of motion with gravity; 4 - Full range of motion, some resistance; 5 - Full range of motion, full resistance.