1-18 Hemifacial Spasm

Identifier: 1-18 Title: Hemifacial Spasm Subject: Hemifacial Spasm Description: Example of patients with hemifacial spasm. First patient has a sequela of Bell’s palsy, and is seen to have mainly clonic movements around the eye, with occasional tonic movements around the mouth. Second patient has a cerebellopontine angle epidurmoid tumor, and is seen to have movements around the obicularis muscles and mentalis. Discussion of disorder as often idiopathic, but that one should nonetheless suspect compression of the seventh nerve due to a tumor or dolichoectatic basilar artery, or else a sequela of trauma, or Bell’s palsy. This video is part of the Moran Collection in NOVEL, the Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library. Please cite the source when using this video. NOVEL.utah.edu Copyright 2015. For further information regarding the rights to this collection, please visit http://library.med.utah.edu/NOVEL/about/copyright