Taking Forward the GFFA and G20 Commitment on Agriculture’s Sustainable Stewardship of Water Through a Public, Private and Civil Society Partnership

In January of this year, at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA), ministers of agriculture from 83 countries and representatives from over 130 countries committed to strengthening agriculture’s role in the sustainable stewardship of water. The following day G20agriculture ministers underlined the importance of the sustainable use of water in agriculture. Both the GFFA Communique and the G20 Agriculture Ministers’ Declaration and Action Plan 2017 provide an important basis for reorienting agricultural development towards achievement of both food and nutrition security (SDG 2) and water security (SDG 6). A panel of representatives from key governments and global organizations who participated in these events provided their vision on the key commitments, and discussed with representatives from the agricultural/agribusiness sector and civil society how communities worldwide can support implementation towards the dual goals of food and water security.