BIODANCE - Social Justice

<div>Dance has the ability to address important social issues at both the intellectual and emotional levels. For this session, BIODANCE will perform dances that comprise the company’s “Social Justice” project, followed by an interactive discussion with the audience. Social issues that will be addressed in the pieces include LGBTQ homelessness, racial tension, police brutality, inequities of resources, and social indifference to the many injustices that exist. While the event strives to bring the audience through the darkness of social injustice, hope and a celebration of diversity in these troubled times is the major theme of the project.<br><br></div><div>Session Goals and Outcomes<br><br></div><div>Use dance to convey examples of social injustice in our society today.</div><div>Have the audience view the dances with an eye to identify the social issues presented in the dances.</div><div>Have the audience view the dances with an eye to identify how the dances affected them emotionally.</div><div>Leave the audience with an appreciation of diversity and the spirit of hope and unity in the face of social injustice.</div>