Trends From the Fringes - Erin Crisp (SIDLIT 2020)

Erin Crisp, AVP of Innovation at Indiana Wesleyan University (and a former director of the Instructional Design, Assessment, and Strategic Program launch divisions in the Center for Learning & Innovation), shares insights regarding the future of higher education and what we can glean about future opportunities by observing what's emerging on the fringes. This talk was the keynote address given as part of the Closing Session for the Summer Institute on Distance Learning & Instructional Technology (SIDLIT) conference, hosted virtually by Emporia State University and Indiana Wesleyan University on Aug. 7, 2020. Presented by Erin Crisp, with introduction, moderation, and Chair support by David Swisher. The full Closing Session can be viewed here: Erin's slide deck can be obtained here: