PANEL | The Impact of COVID-19 on the Physical and Mental Health of Communities of Color

<div><div><p>Lea Acord, Ph.D.&nbsp; |&nbsp; Retired Dean of the College of Nursing, Marquette University&nbsp;</p><p>Wallace Brandies&nbsp; |&nbsp; Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor, Racine Vocational Ministry</p><p>Preneice Love&nbsp; |&nbsp; Community Strategist–Racine, UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health</p><p>Alison Sergio&nbsp; |&nbsp; Executive Director, Health Care Network</p><p>Moderated by&nbsp;Brandon Hutchins, LPC&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp;Counselor,&nbsp;UW-Parkside Student Health &amp; Counseling Center</p></div></div>