PANEL | COVID-19 Vaccines and Health: Challenges and Successes

<div><div><p>Dr. Jen Frieheit&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp; Director, Kenosha County Division of Health&nbsp;</p><p>Cecilia Garcia&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp; Lead Community Health Worker, STOP COVID-19 Project (City of Milwaukee) and All of Us Wisconsin</p><p>Renee′ Sartin Kirby, Ph.D.&nbsp; |&nbsp; Director, Student Health, Counseling, and Disability Services, UW-Parkside</p><p>Elizabeth Markham, Ph.D.&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp; President, Wisconsin Nurses Association</p><p>Moderated by Molinna Bui&nbsp; |&nbsp; Senior Pre-Med Student and&nbsp;Peer Health Educator, UW-Parkside; EMT</p></div></div>