Behavioral Medicine Education and Relaxation: Dr. Scheman

Your surgeon has recommended that you view this video by Dr. Scheman to help prepare you for your upcoming surgery. This is an educational video that is designed to help patients get better, faster after their surgery. Even patients who have had other surgeries say that they find this session to be very beneficial. This is part of the new Behavioral Medicine Program- a program unique to Cleveland Clinic that offers a holistic and integrated approach to medical and surgical care. This session will help prepare you for surgery and help facilitate a smooth recovery after surgery. Feedback from patients, so far, indicate that they have found the session to be very beneficial. They found that the education and tools that they were provided were very helpful, both leading up to the surgery, as well as helping them after surgery with any post-operative discomfort and speeding their recovery. Further information can be found at the web site: Behavioral Medicine Program Cleveland Clinic.