EU Windows on the World 2019-Feb 22, 2019-Micky Scottbey Jones

<div><div><div>"Who are Your People? Your Identity and Your Faith as Fuel for Change in the World".&nbsp; Micky Scottbey Jones - aka the Justice Doula - accompanies people as they birth more love, justice and shalom into our world. Director of Healing Justice at Faith Matters Network, Associate Fellow for Racial Justice with Evangelicals for Social Action, Activist-in-residence at Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville, TN</div><div><br></div><div>We are in a time of profound social change and exhausting news cycles. Even when compelled to speak up and take action, we can be confused, overwhelmed and unsure of how justice and faith should relate to one another. We need to return to the deep wells of our faith to remember the ancestors, elders and teachings that show us how to show up for justice. We each need to connect to the stories of those who have marched, proposed policy, created parallel systems of freedom and developed theologies of liberation and love in the midst of systemic injustice. It is not just the faith and speeches of well known ministers like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King that hold the wisdom we need, it is the embodied faith, commitment and leadership of people like Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer and other faithful "hidden leaders" that provide us with wisdom for doing the work kof birthing more love, justice and shalom into the world today.<br></div><br></div></div>