EU Windows on the World 2018-9-14 Rev. Dr. Curtis Freeman

IN COLLABORATION WITH CAMPOLO CENTER FOR MINISTRY Dr. Curtis Freeman, Research Prof of Theology and Baptist Studies; Director, Baptist House of Studies at Duke Divinity School "The Dys-Eased Conscience of American Evangelicalism" Modern evangelicalism began with an uneasy conscience, which became awakened. Prophetic voices like Carl f.H. Henry, Ron Sider, and Tony Campolo sounded the call for Christians to attend to the social reality of God's love for the whole world. In his lecture, Curtis Freeman will argue that the conscience of evangelicalism has become dys-eased from the traumatic effects of long-term stress in caring wrongly about the world. The effects are so serious, Freeman will argue, that American evangelicalism is exhibiting signs of a disordered condition that is not simply dys-eased, but can now rightly be described as diseased. The pathology of this moral disorder is degenerative and progressive, and unless it is halted, the diagnosis will be terminal, as it is hard to imagine that evangelicalism as a religious movement can long survive without a healthy and functioning conscience.