EU Windows on the World 2019-04-26-George Mason

<div><div>IN COLLABORATION WITH CAMPOLO CENTER FOR MINISTRY.&nbsp; Rev. Dr. George Mason, Pastor/Theologian at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, TX.&nbsp; "Christians without Border: Toward a Trespassing Church".</div><div><br></div><div>In a time when the world lauds groups like Doctors without Borders, which goes everywhere and anywhere to bring lifesaving treatment and bear witness to human atrocities, we hear too many Christians these days defending the borders of nation-states and remaining silent about political cruelty, economic injustice, and religious discrimination. Some Evangelical Christians defend the principles of the modern nation-state, along with hallmarks of it such as nationalism,&nbsp; militarism, and capitalism as if these carry biblical authority. the consequences in human misery are seen on the southern border of the US, the intractable stalemate in the Holy Land, and the sweatshops of southeast Asia, to name but a few. Naming idolatry is the first step in repentance, but the fruits of repentance will be seen in renewed commitment to a kind of spiritual trans-nationalism that at the same time honors diverse cultures and promotes full human dignity and flourishing in the name of Jesus.<br></div><br></div>