EU Windows on the World 2017.11.03 - Jim Harries

<div><div>Dr. Jim Harries, Missionary in Kenya (East Africa) and Chairman, Alliance for Vulnerable Mission. "Dramatic Insights: Vulnerable Cross-cultural Mission Service in Africa over 30 years." Opening story: 'How to be mistaken for God in an African supermarket.' An agriculturalist called to services in the majority world commits for lifetime service. Africa is not what he expected. The agriculturalist becomes a bible teacher. Mission senders do not want their people to be vulnerable. What to do: you've been called by God, but authorities don't agree? The honourable option is to carry on, not in defiance, but in weakness. From a position of vulnerability on the field, amazing things begin to be evident. What is called anti-racism in the West, is flattening the truth in Africa! Visiting scholars and missionaries who use English, with money to give, might get the wrong end of the stick. Contemporary systems of sending&nbsp; Western missionaries are epistemologically faulty. If the system is set up to deny the truth of Christ, then there's a problem with the system.</div></div>