COVID-19's Impact on the Small Town of McMinnville: A Mini Documentary

I produced a documentary about the economic and societal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the small town of McMinnville, Oregon. In this work of journalism, I researched relevant statistical information from electronic databases, as well as other professional resources, and presented them in a creative and engaging way. I planned to have at least 3 in-depth interviews of people representing notable institutions in McMinnville. I as a journalist planned to have a role in the documentary through narration. The target audience for my documentary would mainly be residents of Yamhill County and other counties close by; however, residents of small towns or people interested in small towns should be part of the audience as well. McMinnville is a case study of a town that was on a steady rise but hit a brick wall due to the pandemic. This documentary can shed light on this kind of situation that is happening in other areas across the country.