Research Explorations in Genomics: Developing and Supporting Student-Scientist Partnerships at Linfield and Beyond

New technologies spark innovative experimental approaches in biology. Publicly available genome sequences and web-based bioinformatics tools have enabled geneticists to shift discovery from the lab bench to the laptop. Since 2012, Linfield University students have contributed to comparative genomics research with scientific collaborators connected through the Genomics Education Partnership (GEP). The GEP is an international group of scientists crowd-sourcing genomic data analysis to explore unanswered questions in molecular genetics and evolutionary biology. As a GEP Steering Committee member and Co-director of New Member Training, Dr. Catherine Reinke (associate professor of biology at Linfield University) has developed a virtual faculty training program which aims to double the GEP faculty membership over the next five years, significantly expanding the numbers of undergraduates engaged in low-cost, course-based undergraduate research in biology far beyond the current 1,300 GEP students/year. Reinke discusses the program in this lecture.