Golden Hour

This nonfiction piece is a journal-like collage of various people and places that hold meaning to me. The title, Golden Hour, reflects the fleeting nature of relationships and the cycle we must all go through as relational beings in our friendships, romantic relationships, familial relationships, etc. We all search for connection, but is it worth the pain when it ends? [the age-old question] Each section in this thesis is a thread, a weaving of stories focused on either one person, one place, or a set of relationships. These threads all meet at the end, section titled "Endings," where their time eventually comes to a close. These threads follow the movement of golden hour: intense beautiful brightness--so warm and welcoming--until they dissipate like the last light of day. The collaging effect is made through differing forms of writing structure and forms, as well as images which guide the thematic points of the thesis as a whole, as well as the specific pieces themselves.