2022 CTL Symposium: Change is in the Air - Moodle 4.0 is coming!

Archived Zoom session: It’s been 7 years since the last major Moodle update and change is in the air — arriving as early as December 2022! Navigation and menu elements have been relocated or redesigned to make it easier to create/manage courses and easier for students to know what they need to do to complete a course. We're making preparations and learning everything we can about the changes. Users will be relieved that most core activities will function the same even if the user interface (the way things look and how you navigate) appears slightly different. Join us for a pre-release sneak peek and help us figure out how we can best support you and your students during the transition.
Presenter(s):  Kevin Steeves, Meredith Keene, Mel Stark, Jill Gillett, Skye Nguyen, Rory Beck, Josh Manders, Ian Coronado
 Topic(s):  Technology in the classroom Location: CTL Center 303 & Zoom (HyFlex)
 Session Length: 45 minutes