GSS Webinar: Teaching Expectations and Learning Experiences in Boston and Abroad

<b>Presenter: Rick Arrowood, JD - Global Leadership Program Faculty, Nonprofit Management Chair and Lead Faculty Member</b><br>This webinar is based on Rick’s experiences in the global academic and cultural environments of Australia, Vietnam, and China. He will discuss his personal journey of learning about the importance of getting to know his students, finding ways to connect, and maintaining life-long relationships. Rick will also share self-developed techniques that have succeeded in engaging students in classroom discussions, group work, and team or individual presentations.<br><br>As a visiting professor in the Global Leadership Programs at Swinburne University (Melbourne, Australia) and International University Vietnam National (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), Rick embraces opportunities to learn from students, delivers robust interactive online and blended courses, collaborates with faculty on three continents, and helps to strengthen relationships with our transnational educational partners. As he prepares for classes abroad, Rick is constantly reminded of an American colleague’s insightful advice to "approach every international opportunity with the attitude that one is there to learn first, teach secondly." Excitingly, his learning experiences span the globe with students from Australia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Libya, the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan), France, Germany, England, Russia, and more. Even more invigorating however, these classrooms afford Rick the opportunity to facilitate a magical blending of curiosity, courageousness, and cultures.