GSS Webinar: Interpreting Scores on English Language Proficiency Tests

<span><b>Presenter: Dr. Erik Voss - NU Global Faculty&nbsp;</b><br>In this webinar you could learn:</span><ul><li>How English language proficiency tests (ELPTs) differ from classroom assessment</li><li>How ELPTs are designed and developed</li><li>How scores on ELPTs are calculated, reported and interpreted</li></ul>Dr. Erik Voss discusses the definition of English language proficiency tests, how such tests are developed and how they differ from educational (classroom) assessment. This will lay the foundation for a presentation of score reporting and interpretation using TOEFL iBT as an example. Finally, Dr. Voss compares score reporting on other standardized English language proficiency tests. By the end of the webinar, participants should have a better understanding of the differences between proficiency testing and classroom assessment, and understand how to interpret scores from a standardized English test.&nbsp;&nbsp;