(2006) [ALSO Salamonico.] When the state of Israel was formed, the city of Tel Aviv was built to accommodate the need for a port city. However, the city had great difficulty finding reliable Jewish dockworkers. The founders of the city searched the world over and finally found that Saloniki, Greece was the only port in the entire world where there were Jewish dockworkers. Workers from Saloniki were encouraged to come to Israel, and they established their own neighborhood community in Tel Aviv. Salamoniko (Reuven Bar-Yotam) is one of these men, and he worries about his children because the neighborhood they live in is going downhill. For their benefit, he moves them to a ritzier part of town, and the snobbish new rich who surround his down-to-earth family don't know what to make of them. In real life, actor Reuven Bar-Yotam's father was one of the Greek dockworkers who made Tel Aviv possible.