Kaltura API

Service Name livestream
Description Live Stream service lets you manage live stream entries
Name Description
add Adds new live stream entry. The entry will be queued for provision.
addLiveStreamPushPublishConfiguration Add new pushPublish configuration to entry
allocateConferenceRoom Allocates a conference room or returns ones that has already been allocated
appendRecording Append recorded video to live entry
archive Archive a live entry which was recorded
authenticate Authenticate live-stream entry against stream token and partner limitations
createPeriodicSyncPoints Creates periodic metadata sync-point events on a live stream
createRecordedEntry Create recorded entry id if it doesn't exist and make sure it happens on the DC that the live entry was created on.
delete Delete a live stream entry.
finishConf When the conf is finished this API should be called.
get Get live stream entry by ID.
getDetails Delivering the status of a live stream (on-air/offline) if it is possible
isLive Delivering the status of a live stream (on-air/offline) if it is possible
list List live stream entries by filter with paging support.
regenerateStreamToken Regenerate new secure token for liveStream
registerConf Mark that the conference has actually started
registerMediaServer Register media server to live entry
removeLiveStreamPushPublishConfiguration Remove push publish configuration from entry
setRecordedContent Set recorded video to live entry
unregisterMediaServer Unregister media server from live entry
update Update live stream entry. Only the properties that were set will be updated.
updateOfflineThumbnailFromUrl Update entry thumbnail using url
updateOfflineThumbnailJpeg Update live stream entry thumbnail using a raw jpeg file
validateRegisteredMediaServers Validates all registered media servers