Kaltura API

Service Name flavorasset
Description Retrieve information and invoke actions on Flavor Asset
Name Description
add Add flavor asset
convert Add and convert new Flavor Asset for Entry with specific Flavor Params
delete Delete Flavor Asset by ID
deleteLocalContent delete all local file syncs for this asset
export manually export an asset
get Get Flavor Asset by ID
getByEntryId Get Flavor Assets for Entry
getDownloadUrl Get download URL for the Flavor Asset
getFlavorAssetsWithParams Get Flavor Asset with the relevant Flavor Params (Flavor Params can exist without Flavor Asset & vice versa)
getRemotePaths Get remote storage existing paths for the asset
getUrl Get download URL for the asset
getVolumeMap Get volume map by entry id
getWebPlayableByEntryId Get web playable Flavor Assets for Entry
list List Flavor Assets by filter and pager
reconvert Reconvert Flavor Asset by ID
serveAdStitchCmd serve cmd line to transcode the ad
setAsSource Set a given flavor as the original flavor
setContent Update content of flavor asset
update Update flavor asset