Kaltura API

KalturaObjectBase Inherited from KalturaObjectBase
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
relatedObjects map of KalturaListResponse
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
id string
sourceWidgetId string V
rootWidgetId string
partnerId int
entryId string V
uiConfId int V
securityType KalturaWidgetSecurityType V
securityPolicy int V
createdAt int
updatedAt int
partnerData string V Can be used to store various partner related data as a string
widgetHTML string
enforceEntitlement bool V Should enforce entitlement on feed entries
privacyContext string V Set privacy context for search entries that assiged to private and public categories within a category privacy context.
addEmbedHtml5Support bool V Addes the HTML5 script line to the widget's embed code
roles string V
privileges string V