Kaltura API

KalturaObjectBase Inherited from KalturaObjectBase
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
relatedObjects map of KalturaListResponse
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
id bigint Unique identifier
partnerId int
createdAt int Segment creation date as Unix timestamp (In seconds)
updatedAt int Segment update date as Unix timestamp (In seconds)
name string V Segment name
description string V Segment description
tags string V Segment tags
type KalturaLiveChannelSegmentType V Segment could be associated with the main stream, as additional stream or as overlay
status KalturaLiveChannelSegmentStatus
channelId string V Live channel id
entryId string V Entry id to be played
triggerType KalturaLiveChannelSegmentTriggerType V Segment start time trigger type
triggerSegmentId bigint V Live channel segment that the trigger relates to
startTime float V Segment play start time, in mili-seconds, according to trigger type
duration float V Segment play duration time, in mili-seconds