Kaltura API

KalturaObjectBase Inherited from KalturaObjectBase
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
relatedObjects map of KalturaListResponse
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
id bigint
partnerId int
vendorPartnerId int
createdAt int
updatedAt int
queueTime int
finishTime int
entryId string V
status KalturaEntryVendorTaskStatus V
reachProfileId int V The profile id from which this task base config is taken from
catalogItemId int V The catalog item Id containing the task description
price float The charged price to execute this task
userId string The ID of the user who created this task
moderatingUser string The user ID that approved this task for execution (in case moderation is requested)
errDescription string V Err description provided by provider in case job execution has failed
accessKey string Access key generated by Kaltura to allow vendors to ingest the end result to the destination
version string Vendor generated by Kaltura representing the entry vendor task version correlated to the entry version
notes string V User generated notes that should be taken into account by the vendor while executing the task
dictionary string
context string V Task context
accuracy int V Task result accuracy percentage
outputObjectId string V Task main object generated by executing the task
partnerData string V Json object containing extra task data required by the requester
creationMode KalturaEntryVendorTaskCreationMode Task creation mode
taskJobData KalturaVendorTaskData V
expectedFinishTime int
serviceType KalturaVendorServiceType
serviceFeature KalturaVendorServiceFeature
turnAroundTime KalturaVendorServiceTurnAroundTime
externalTaskId string V The vendor's task internal Id