Kaltura API

KalturaObjectBase Inherited from KalturaObjectBase
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
relatedObjects map of KalturaListResponse
Inherited from KalturaJobData
KalturaDistributionJobData Inherited from KalturaDistributionJobData
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
distributionProfileId int V
distributionProfile KalturaDistributionProfile V
entryDistributionId int V
entryDistribution KalturaEntryDistribution V
remoteId string V Id of the media in the remote system
providerType KalturaDistributionProviderType V
providerData KalturaDistributionJobProviderData V Additional data that relevant for the provider only
results string V The results as returned from the remote destination
sentData string V The data as sent to the remote destination
mediaFiles array of KalturaDistributionRemoteMediaFile V Stores array of media files that submitted to the destination site Could be used later for media update
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
plays int V
views int V