Kaltura API

KalturaObjectBase Inherited from KalturaObjectBase
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
relatedObjects map of KalturaListResponse
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
id string
feedUrl string
partnerId int
playlistId string V link a playlist that will set what content the feed will include if empty, all content will be included in feed
name string V feed name
status KalturaSyndicationFeedStatus feed status
type KalturaSyndicationFeedType V feed type
landingPage string V Base URL for each video, on the partners site This is required by all syndication types.
createdAt int Creation date as Unix timestamp (In seconds)
allowEmbed bool V allow_embed tells google OR yahoo weather to allow embedding the video on google OR yahoo video results or just to provide a link to the landing page. it is applied on the video-player_loc property in the XML (google) and addes media-player tag (yahoo)
playerUiconfId int V Select a uiconf ID as player skin to include in the kwidget url
flavorParamId int V
transcodeExistingContent bool V
addToDefaultConversionProfile bool V
categories string V
storageId int V
entriesOrderBy KalturaSyndicationFeedEntriesOrderBy V
enforceEntitlement bool V Should enforce entitlement on feed entries
privacyContext string V Set privacy context for search entries that assiged to private and public categories within a category privacy context.
updatedAt int Update date as Unix timestamp (In seconds)
useCategoryEntries bool V
feedContentTypeHeader string V Feed content-type header value
Sub classes: KalturaGenericSyndicationFeed, KalturaGenericXsltSyndicationFeed, KalturaConstantXsltSyndicationFeed, KalturaOperaSyndicationFeed, KalturaRokuSyndicationFeed, KalturaGoogleVideoSyndicationFeed, KalturaITunesSyndicationFeed, KalturaTubeMogulSyndicationFeed, KalturaYahooSyndicationFeed