Kaltura API

KalturaObjectBase Inherited from KalturaObjectBase
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
relatedObjects map of KalturaListResponse
Name Type Writable Restrictions Description
id int The id of the Flavor Params
partnerId int V
name string V The name of the Flavor Params
systemName string V System name of the Flavor Params
description string V The description of the Flavor Params
createdAt int Creation date as Unix timestamp (In seconds)
isSystemDefault KalturaNullableBoolean True if those Flavor Params are part of system defaults
tags string V The Flavor Params tags are used to identify the flavor for different usage (e.g. web, hd, mobile)
requiredPermissions array of KalturaString V Array of partner permisison names that required for using this asset params
sourceRemoteStorageProfileId int V Id of remote storage profile that used to get the source, zero indicates Kaltura data center
remoteStorageProfileIds int V Comma seperated ids of remote storage profiles that the flavor distributed to, the distribution done by the conversion engine
mediaParserType KalturaMediaParserType V Media parser type to be used for post-conversion validation
sourceAssetParamsIds string V Comma seperated ids of source flavor params this flavor is created from
Sub classes: KalturaCaptionParams, KalturaFlavorParams, KalturaFlavorParamsOutput, KalturaDocumentFlavorParamsOutput, KalturaImageFlavorParamsOutput, KalturaMediaFlavorParamsOutput, KalturaPdfFlavorParamsOutput, KalturaSwfFlavorParamsOutput, KalturaWidevineFlavorParamsOutput, KalturaDocumentFlavorParams, KalturaImageFlavorParams, KalturaLiveParams, KalturaMediaFlavorParams, KalturaPdfFlavorParams, KalturaSwfFlavorParams, KalturaWidevineFlavorParams, KalturaThumbParams, KalturaThumbParamsOutput, KalturaAssetParamsOutput