Kaltura API

Lists user role objects that are associated with an account. Blocked user roles are listed unless you use a filter to exclude them. Deleted user roles are not listed unless you use a filter to include them.
Input Params
Name Type Description Required Default Value
filter KalturaUserRoleFilter A filter used to exclude specific types of user roles 1
pager KalturaFilterPager A limit for the number of records to display on a page 1
Output Type
Example HTTP Hit
JSON object:
{ filter: { objectType: "KalturaUserRoleFilter", idEqual: value, idIn: "value", nameEqual: "value", nameIn: "value", systemNameEqual: "value", systemNameIn: "value", descriptionLike: "value", statusEqual: value, statusIn: "value", partnerIdEqual: value, partnerIdIn: "value", tagsMultiLikeOr: "value", tagsMultiLikeAnd: "value", createdAtGreaterThanOrEqual: value, createdAtLessThanOrEqual: value, updatedAtGreaterThanOrEqual: value, updatedAtLessThanOrEqual: value }, pager: { objectType: "KalturaFilterPager", pageSize: value, pageIndex: value } }