Kaltura API

Updates an existing user object. You can also use this action to update the userId.
Input Params
Name Type Description Required Default Value
userId string The user's unique identifier in the partner's system V
user KalturaUser Id The user's unique identifier in the partner's system V
Output Type
Example HTTP Hit
JSON object:
{ userId: "value", user: { objectType: "KalturaUser", id: "value", screenName: "value", fullName: "value", email: "value", country: "value", state: "value", city: "value", zip: "value", thumbnailUrl: "value", description: "value", tags: "value", adminTags: "value", status: value, partnerData: "value", indexedPartnerDataInt: value, indexedPartnerDataString: "value", language: "value", allowedPartnerIds: "value", allowedPartnerPackages: "value", userMode: value, type: value, dateOfBirth: value, gender: value, isAdmin: value, roleIds: "value", isAccountOwner: value, password: "value", firstName: "value", lastName: "value", loginEnabled: value, registrationInfo: "value", attendanceInfo: "value", title: "value", company: "value", ksPrivileges: "value", isSsoExcluded: value } }