Kaltura API

Creates a batch job that sends an email with a link to download a CSV containing a list of users
Input Params
Name Type Description Required Default Value
filter KalturaUserFilter A filter used to exclude specific types of users 1
metadataProfileId int 1
additionalFields array of KalturaCsvAdditionalFieldInfo 1
mappedFields array of KalturaKeyValue mapping between field 1
options KalturaExportToCsvOptions 1
Output Type
Example HTTP Hit
JSON object:
{ filter: { objectType: "KalturaUserFilter", idEqual: "value", idIn: "value", typeEqual: value, typeIn: "value", isAdminEqual: value, firstNameStartsWith: "value", lastNameStartsWith: "value", idOrScreenNameStartsWith: "value", loginEnabledEqual: value, roleIdEqual: "value", roleIdsEqual: "value", roleIdsIn: "value", firstNameOrLastNameStartsWith: "value", permissionNamesMultiLikeOr: "value", permissionNamesMultiLikeAnd: "value" }, metadataProfileId: value, additionalFields: [{ objectType: "KalturaCsvAdditionalFieldInfo", fieldName: "value", xpath: "value" }], mappedFields: [{ objectType: "KalturaKeyValue", key: "value", value: "value" }], options: { objectType: "KalturaExportToCsvOptions", format: "value", typeEqual: "value", defaultHeader: value } }