Kaltura API

Adds a new user to an existing account in the Kaltura database. Input param $id is the unique identifier in the partner's system.
Input Params
Name Type Description Required Default Value
user KalturaUser The new user V
Output Type
Example HTTP Hit
JSON object:
{ user: { objectType: "KalturaUser", id: "value", screenName: "value", fullName: "value", email: "value", country: "value", state: "value", city: "value", zip: "value", thumbnailUrl: "value", description: "value", tags: "value", adminTags: "value", status: value, partnerData: "value", indexedPartnerDataInt: value, indexedPartnerDataString: "value", language: "value", allowedPartnerIds: "value", allowedPartnerPackages: "value", userMode: value, capabilities: [{ objectType: "KalturaUserCapability", capability: "value" }], type: value, dateOfBirth: value, gender: value, isAdmin: value, isGuest: value, roleIds: "value", isAccountOwner: value, password: "value", firstName: "value", lastName: "value", loginEnabled: value, registrationInfo: "value", attendanceInfo: "value", title: "value", company: "value", ksPrivileges: "value", isSsoExcluded: value, externalId: "value" } }