Kaltura API

Will write to the event log a single line representing the event client version - will help interpret the line structure. Different client versions might have slightly different data/data formats in the line event_id - number is the row number in yuval's excel datetime - same format as MySql's datetime - can change and should reflect the time zone session id - can be some big random number or guid partner id entry id unique viewer widget id ui_conf id uid - the puser id as set by the ppartner current point - in milliseconds duration - milliseconds user ip process duration - in milliseconds control id seek new point referrer KalturaStatsEvent $event
Input Params
Name Type Description Required Default Value
event KalturaStatsEvent V
Output Type
Example HTTP Hit
JSON object:
{ event: { objectType: "KalturaStatsEvent", clientVer: "value", eventType: value, eventTimestamp: value, sessionId: "value", partnerId: value, entryId: "value", uniqueViewer: "value", widgetId: "value", uiconfId: value, userId: "value", currentPoint: value, duration: value, processDuration: value, controlId: "value", seek: value, newPoint: value, referrer: "value", isFirstInSession: value, applicationId: "value", contextId: value, featureType: value } }