Kaltura API

report getTable action allows to get a graph data for a specific report.
Input Params
Name Type Description Required Default Value
reportType KalturaReportType V
reportInputFilter KalturaReportInputFilter V
pager KalturaFilterPager V
order string 1
objectIds string - one ID or more (separated by ',') of specific objects to query 1
responseOptions KalturaReportResponseOptions 1
Output Type
Example HTTP Hit
JSON object:
{ reportType: "value", reportInputFilter: { objectType: "KalturaReportInputFilter", fromDate: value, toDate: value, fromDay: "value", toDay: "value", keywords: "value", searchInTags: value, searchInAdminTags: value, categories: "value", categoriesIdsIn: "value", customVar1In: "value", customVar2In: "value", customVar3In: "value", deviceIn: "value", countryIn: "value", regionIn: "value", citiesIn: "value", operatingSystemFamilyIn: "value", operatingSystemIn: "value", browserFamilyIn: "value", browserIn: "value", timeZoneOffset: value, interval: "value", mediaTypeIn: "value", sourceTypeIn: "value", ownerIdsIn: "value", entryOperator: { objectType: "KalturaESearchEntryOperator", operator: value, searchItems: [{ objectType: "KalturaESearchEntryBaseItem" }] }, entryCreatedAtGreaterThanOrEqual: value, entryCreatedAtLessThanOrEqual: value, entryIdIn: "value", playbackTypeIn: "value", playbackContextIdsIn: "value", rootEntryIdIn: "value", errorCodeIn: "value", playerVersionIn: "value", ispIn: "value", applicationVersionIn: "value", nodeIdsIn: "value", categoriesAncestorIdIn: "value", hotspotIdIn: "value", crmIdIn: "value", playlistIdIn: "value", domainIn: "value", canonicalUrlIn: "value", virtualEventIdIn: "value", originIn: "value", uiConfIdIn: "value" }, pager: { objectType: "KalturaFilterPager", pageSize: value, pageIndex: value }, order: "value", objectIds: "value", responseOptions: { objectType: "KalturaReportResponseOptions", delimiter: "value", skipEmptyDates: value } }