Kaltura API

add batch job that sends an email with a link to download an updated CSV that contains list of users
Input Params
Name Type Description Required Default Value
filter KalturaEntryVendorTaskFilter A filter used to exclude specific tasks V
Output Type
Example HTTP Hit
JSON object:
{ filter: { objectType: "KalturaEntryVendorTaskFilter", idEqual: value, idIn: "value", idNotIn: "value", vendorPartnerIdEqual: value, vendorPartnerIdIn: "value", createdAtGreaterThanOrEqual: value, createdAtLessThanOrEqual: value, updatedAtGreaterThanOrEqual: value, updatedAtLessThanOrEqual: value, queueTimeGreaterThanOrEqual: value, queueTimeLessThanOrEqual: value, finishTimeGreaterThanOrEqual: value, finishTimeLessThanOrEqual: value, entryIdEqual: "value", statusEqual: value, statusIn: "value", reachProfileIdEqual: value, reachProfileIdIn: "value", catalogItemIdEqual: value, catalogItemIdIn: "value", userIdEqual: "value", contextEqual: "value", expectedFinishTimeGreaterThanOrEqual: value, expectedFinishTimeLessThanOrEqual: value, freeText: "value" } }