Kaltura API

List partners by filter with paging support Current implementation will only list the sub partners of the partner initiating the API call (using the current KS). This action is only partially implemented to support listing sub partners of a VAR partner.
Input Params
Name Type Description Required Default Value
filter KalturaPartnerFilter 1
pager KalturaFilterPager 1
Output Type
Example HTTP Hit
JSON object:
{ filter: { objectType: "KalturaPartnerFilter", idEqual: value, idIn: "value", idNotIn: "value", nameLike: "value", nameMultiLikeOr: "value", nameMultiLikeAnd: "value", nameEqual: "value", statusEqual: value, statusIn: "value", partnerPackageEqual: value, partnerPackageGreaterThanOrEqual: value, partnerPackageLessThanOrEqual: value, partnerPackageIn: "value", partnerGroupTypeEqual: value, partnerNameDescriptionWebsiteAdminNameAdminEmailLike: "value", createdAtGreaterThanOrEqual: value, idGreaterThan: value, monitorUsageEqual: value }, pager: { objectType: "KalturaFilterPager", pageSize: value, pageIndex: value } }