Kaltura API

Creates a batch job that sends an email with a link to download a CSV containing a list of entries
Input Params
Name Type Description Required Default Value
data KalturaMediaEsearchExportToCsvJobData job data indicating filter to pass to the job V
Output Type
Example HTTP Hit
JSON object:
{ data: { objectType: "KalturaMediaEsearchExportToCsvJobData", userName: "value", userMail: "value", outputPath: "value", sharedOutputPath: "value", searchParams: { objectType: "KalturaESearchEntryParams", objectStatuses: "value", objectId: "value", orderBy: { objectType: "KalturaESearchOrderBy", orderItems: [{ objectType: "KalturaESearchOrderByItem", sortOrder: "value" }] }, searchOperator: { objectType: "KalturaESearchEntryOperator", operator: value, searchItems: [{ objectType: "KalturaESearchEntryBaseItem" }] }, aggregations: { objectType: "KalturaESearchAggregation", aggregations: [{ objectType: "KalturaESearchAggregationItem", size: value }] } }, options: [{ objectType: "KalturaExportToCsvOptions", format: "value", typeEqual: "value", defaultHeader: value }] } }