Daroff_04-8 Superior Oblique Myokymia

Identifier: Daroff_04-8 Title: Superior Oblique Myokymia Subject: Superior Oblique Myokymia; Trochlear Nerve Disease; Description: This eye movement abnormality presents with intermittent monocular oscillopsia, often following a particular eye movement or head tilt. The examiner will often miss the abnormality unless it can be provoked. It represents a microtremor of a superior oblique muscle and usually responds to an anticonvulsant, particularly carbamazapine. A patient with this condition in the right eye is shown. This video is part of the Daroff Collection in NOVEL, the Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library. Please cite the source when using this video. NOVEL.utah.edu Copyright 2010. For further information regarding the rights to this collection, please visit http://library.med.utah.edu/NOVEL/about/copyright