Daroff_01-9 Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Identifier: Daroff_01-9 Title: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Subject: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy; Saccades; Vertical Gaze Palsy Description: A patient with PSP demonstrates bilateral hypometric saccades, bilateral low-gain pursuit, vertical gaze palsy, and normal vestibulo- ocular reflexes. A second PSP patient is unable to make saccades or pursue horizontally. With optokinetic stimulation, the eyes move somewhat. Cold caloric stimulation causes tonic ipsilateral deviation with absent contralateral fast phases. Finally, the eye movement abnormalities in patients with basal ganglionic disease are summarized. This video is part of the Daroff Collection in NOVEL, the Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library. Please cite the source when using this video. NOVEL.utah.edu Copyright 2010. For further information regarding the rights to this collection, please visit http://library.med.utah.edu/NOVEL/about/copyright