Imaging Magnets at the Nanoscale with Sculpted Electrons

Ben McMorran, assistant professor of physics at the University of Oregon, will present "Imaging magnets at the nanoscale with sculpted electrons" during the iFOCUS Science Colloquium Lectures Series on Thursday, April 30, at 4:15 p.m. in 105 Murdock Hall. Exactly what are magnets? How can a nail be turned into a magnet by applying another magnet? The answer to these questions plays a role in today's technologies - computers and the internet - as well as tomorrow's. McMorran will discuss how these questions can be answered by looking at magnets at nanometer length scales. He will also discuss how various magnetic microscopes work, the role that electron angular momentum plays in magnetic material, and efforts to manipulate this angular momentum using "sculpted" electrons. Subject: Science Colloquium Series Run Length: 01:01 Author: Ben McMorran Publisher: Linfield College Copyright: 2015