Old Witches and New Saints: The Supernatural in Modern Mexico

Three Linfield College professors will discuss research in the areas of molecular genetics, anthropology and health during a faculty lecture Wednesday, April 9, at 7 p.m. in 201 Riley Hall. Bestor will present "Old Witches and New Saints: The Supernatural in Modern Mexico." Bestor will discuss three perceived kinds of witches, including healers from medical anthropology studies, invisible witches from research in a psychological anthropology field study and witches who function as social control of behavior in small face-to-face communities. The new saints, which are currently at the heart of a major controversy in the Mexican Catholic Church, are perceived as the most powerful of all forces. Bestor will bring artifacts from his research. Subject: Linfield College Faculty Lecture Run Length: 00:25 Author: William Bestor Publisher: Linfield College Copyright: 2014