Transformations in the Twelfth Century B.C.: The Coming of the Philistines to Ashkelon

Thirty-five miles south of modern Tel-Aviv, the famous seaport of Ashkelon decorates the Mediterranean coast of Israel. This city, which holds the distinction of being both the oldest and largest maritime city in Israel, is ripe with nuggets of historical importance. After more than twenty-five years of excavation, archaeologists are still only beginning to piece together the significances of their findings. However, amongst the numerous occupation layers, the arrival of the Philistines at Ashkelon is of particular interest to biblical enthusiasts. Just who were these mighty opponents of the Hebrew people? Where did they come from? Were they really as barbaric as is frequently depicted? To answer these questions, Dr. Master offers theories developed from the most recent excavations at the site. Lecture date: March 21, 2012.